IMA demands review Tariff of Yeshaswini Scheme

Indian Medical Association, Belagavi branch demanded review of package tariff of various procedures in the Yeshaswini scheme. The Office bearers of the IMA Belagavi Branch lead by IMA state president Dr. Shivkumar B Lakkol submitted memorandum to Basavaraj Bommai, Chief Minister of Karnataka & S T Somsekhar, Cooperative Minister.

Later addressing press meet at IMA, Hall Dr. Shivkumar Lakkol and all the office bearers of the IMA said we welcome the decision of restarting the Yeshaswini scheme for the cooperative members and others. IMA is of the strong opinion that, the package tariff fixed for the various surgical procedures are unscientific, irrational & needs immediate review by experts opined the members in the joint press meet.


Quoting an example of one of the tariffs like caesarean section is only Rs. 9000/- & that amount is just not sufficient for surgical consumables said Dr. Pavan Patil, PRO of IMA. For smooth effective functioning of the scheme, there has to be meaningful discussions & dialogue between Govt, Services providers & TPA demanded Dr. Devagouda. Dr. Shridhar demanded at least once in two years the tariff need to be increased as the cost of managing hospitals is ever increasing.


Yeshaswini scheme should not be implemented without taking service providers into confidence requested Dr. Swapna Mahajan, the President of IMA, Belgaum. IMA, Private Hospitals, Medical College hospitals views to be taken before implementing Yeshaswini scheme demanded the IMA members.

Major point of the memorandum submitted to Chief Minister includes;

  1. To revise the package rates considering the inflation and present high cost of running hospitals. The last package rates were fixed in year 2010 and continued till 2018. The present package rates fixed are lesser (by 30-50%) than the 2010 package rates which is unscientific, and no private hospital can do justice to beneficiaries in this package rates.
  2. To identify and select competitive TPA in smooth implementation of the scheme.
  3. To clear all the pending balance to the service provided hospitals of the previous Yesheswini Health Scheme which was closed in 2018.
  4. To revise the package rates considering the inflation and present high cost of managing hospitals.

Dr. Shivkumar Lakkol, Dr. Pavan Patil, Dr. Swapna Mahajan, Dr. Rajshree Anagol, Dr. Hemant Kaujalgi, Dr. Shridhar, Dr. Devagouda, Dr. Tukkar, Dr. Basvaraj Bijjargi, Dr. Shilpa Kodkany and other prominent members of IMA were present in memorandum submission & press meet.

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