Welcome Ganesh with Positive Aroma (Dhoop)

The KLE Ayurveda Pharmacy in khasbag, Belagavi is known for indigenously producing top quality Ayurveda products for promotion of excellent health in the community since 1938. The Dhoop’ which is used for Pooja homa, havan is a healthy product one can use & offer as a gift in this festive season. It is prepared by classical Ayurveda methodology. It has anti-microbial properties, safe, healthy and has organic ingredients. The lighted ‘Dhoop’ stick lasts for 2 Hrs and act as an anti-microbial agent for the home.

2. “Ayurvedic Dhoop” is used for Pooja, homa, havan & in religious rituals. It is prepared using classical Ayurvedic methods and contains organic ingredients. It is known for its antimicrobial properties, safety, and health benefits. When lit, it lasts for 2 hours and acts as an antimicrobial agent for the home.

3. Concerns About Cheap Incense Sticks: Harmuful & cheap incense sticks (Agarbatti) flooding the market, which are often made with toxic chemicals like charcoal, sawdust, and adhesives, and coated with artificial chemical perfumes. These low-quality incense sticks may cause health issues such as itchy eyes, running nose, sneezing, and breathing problems, particularly in children and the elderly.

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4. Traditional Fumigation and Ayurveda: The concept of ‘Krimi’ (Microbes) in Ayurveda is mentioned, which includes a wide range of infections and infestations. Fumigation, known as ‘Dhoopana,’ is one of the methods used for protection against infectious organisms. It has been used traditionally for purification & in various religious procedures, including homa and havan.

5. Ingredients of Dhoop: The ‘Dhoop’ is made from various medicinal plants and natural ingredients, including Guggulu, Ushira, Vacha, Rala, Nimba, Arka, Devadaru, Shati, and Dhoopa.

6. Benefits of Dhoop: The benefits of using this Ayurvedic ‘Dhoop’ include:

– Its mentioned in ancient Indian literature, such as the Vedas and Shastras.

– Reduction of microbial load to non-pathogenic levels.

– Positive effects on physical and mental health.

– Purification of the surrounding air and potential contribution to building the ozone layer.

– Relief from stress, depression, and anxiety.

Conclusion: Ayurvedic ‘Dhoop’ produced by KLE Ayurveda Pharmacy is presented as a healthier and more traditional alternative to cheap incense sticks in the market. It is having antimicrobial properties and various health benefits, in addition to its use in religious rituals.

The product is available in KLE Society’s BMK Ayurveda College, Shahapur, Belagavi. It is the best, healthy, safe way to Welcome Ganesha & offer as presentation to friends & relatives. For further information you can call (M) 8050914395/9886088826

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