Successful Life Saving Surgery at BIMS

28-year-old female patient who has delivered 2 children with normal deliveries developed a condition known as 30 Uterovescical descent with cystorectocele for one year (uterus coming out of the vagina). For this condition, patient consulted various doctors in town where most of the doctors advised her to undergo removal of the uterus (hystrectomy). She came to BIMS, Belagavi. As for further opinion she is just 28 year old, Dr. Prabhuraj A Bali, (MS. Obgy & Gyanc) & his team decided and counseled her to save her uterus and undergo a complex surgery called “Shirodkar sling surgery”, which was performed on 14-03-2022, which helped her save the uterus.

The patient is doing well and is about to be discharged from the hospital. This surgery is the first of its kind at BIMS Hospital.

20 year old female patient, primigravida (first pregnancy) with 3-month pregnancy with right ovarian cyst of 10×12 cms with torsion. She had consulted various doctors in Belagavi for the same condition where she was advised to terminate her pregnancy.

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She came to BIMS, for further management. Dr. Prabhuraj A Bali & his team performed laparoscopic right ovarian cystectomy (Torsion Ovarian Cyst-Life Threatening condition) with utmost care on 09-03-2022 without terminating the pregnancy. Hence saving both the mother and fetus (life saving surgery) patient is discharged and both mother and foetus are doing well. This is also a first of its kind at BIMS

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