Reboot the Heart through Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) : Dr. Richard Saldahna

CPR is a lifesaving technique which has to be applied in an emergency when someone’s breathing or heartbeat has stopped said Dr. Richard Saldanha, Chief Cardiac Surgeon of KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital. He was addressing  to Science teachers of    R L Science College, Belagavi on the occasion of World Heart Day. The training program was jointly hosted by Indian Association of Cardio-Vascular Surgeons, Depart of Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery & Anaesthesiology.

Dr. Richard stressed, every one particularly Science teachers must know the technique of CPR which could save a life in case of emergency. In our day today life we witness someone   has a heart attack, drowns, or meets with accidents if he/she is unconscious and not breathing immediate, CPR exercise to be undertaken stressed Dr. Saldanha. He advised the participants; CPR has to be started straightaway without wasting any time on regaining the consciousness the individual should be shifted to hospital immediately for further evaluation. Dr. Richard said in a phased manner, CPR training will be conducted for Police Personnels, Fire Department Staff, NGOs etc. 

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Later, Dr. Raghavendra, Anaesthesiologist  gave step by step methods of CPR &  how it can reboot (re-start) the heart. He advised to check for breathing, call the person and ask are you OK, if found unconscious person should be shifted to safe place. First thing call for ambulance and start chest compression at the pace of 100-120 compressions per minute at a designated place of chest. Dr. Raghavendra, Dr. Dharigol & Dr. Vinayak demonstrated the finer skills of CPR on manikin (model). Hands of training practice which included sitting position, using heel of the palm for compression of chest, locking the fingers all other techniques were shared to participating teachers who enthusiastically learnt the finer aspects of CPR. 

Dr. Jyoti Kawalekar, Principal of RL Science College congratulated Dr. Richard Saldahna & team for successful 12 heart transplantations at KLES Hospital. She urged the team to conduct CPR training sessions for students. She thanked the Doctors of KLES Hospital for training the teachers. Dr. Mohan Gan, Dr. Darshan & over 100 science teachers of both degree & PU College attended the CPR training. 

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