Organ Donation Awareness at Bambarge Village : KLE Dental NSS Initiative

In an effort to spread awareness about the noble act of organ donation, Senior Transplant Coordinator Dr. Pramod Sulikeri & Mahantesh Inchal led a house-to-house campaign in Bambarge village of Belagavi Taluka. This initiative, organized by KLE Vishawnath Katti Dental College, Belagavi as part of the NSS program, aimed to educate villagers about the significance of organ donation and encourage them to pledge their organs for saving lives.

Under the leadership of Dr. Arati Neeli and Dr. Rashmi, along with over 10 dental interns conducted house to house awareness on the importance of organ donation. Dr. Arati & her team has chalked out various health initiatives in Bembarge village & a week-long awareness drive. They engaged in informative discussions with villagers, emphasizing how one person’s decision to donate organs could potentially save the lives of up to eight individuals.

Dr. Pramod emphasized the critical need for organ donation, citing statistics that highlight the staggering demand for organs in the country. He urged villagers to consider organ donation as a means of giving the gift of life, rather than opting for traditional burial or cremation methods.


During the outreach, dental health also took center stage, with Dr. Arati Neeli providing detailed insights into maintaining optimal dental hygiene through regular check-ups and care routines.

The success stories shared by Dr. Pramod, including 13 heart transplants, 12 liver transplants, and 85 kidney transplants performed at KLE Hospital, served as inspiring examples of the positive impact organ donation can have on individuals in need. One of the interns said field visits offer us  great learning experience & socio-economic constraints of rural folks.  The week-long on-going NSS activity will conclude on 6th April, 2024.

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