New Year resolution-2022

New Year resolutions are all about self-improvement, building strong health and improving relationships. The Worst ever pandemic is posing a major challenge to mankind. In this endeavor, a collective effort must be done to defeat the pandemic. We wish all of you a healthy, happy, prosperous New Year-2022. Prioritizing health & happiness in 2022 with renewed energy should be the goal of the NEW Year.

1: If you are not vaccinated till now, there is no bigger fool than you. Set aside stupidity. Take vaccine. Encourage children between the age group 15-18 Yrs to take the vaccination. Avoid crowded places, functions, travel, use mask, maintain social distancing

2: Most of the diseases originate from too much thinking, negativity. Keeping Mental Health in good status should be top priority. Smile a lot, be cheerful. Enter the office with a smiling face. Feed your activities with positivity, encourage, learn, appreciate. Dress well. Enjoy life

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3. Wake-up early in the morning set aside at least 30-40 mins daily for walking/yoga/aerobics/cycling/swimming some sort of exercise.

4. Add plenty of green vegetables & fruits to your daily food.

5. If you are Diabetic, Hypertensive or suffering from any chronic ailments please do consult your doctors and follow their advice with strict medication.

6. Never sit glued in front of TV/ Laptop for more than 30 mins. If you are exposed to prolonged screen time blink your eyes more frequently.

7. Praying, Peacefulness, meditation and spirituality should be part of your new year resolution. Spend time in the midst of nature. Develop a hobby of planting trees and nurturing it to grow.

8. Reading, witing skills are slowly fading and are replaced by computers, tabs, mobile phones, etc. But develop a habit of reading and gifting books to friends and relatives. Also, listen to old cinema songs, classical music.

9. Financial stability is the most important goal, avoid lavish spending and save as much as you can and should have health insurance to meet any unforeseen medical emergencies.

10. Quit smoking, reduce alcohol, stay away from stress & be cheerful.


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