MIS-C : A worrying post COVID complication in children

As the number of COVID cases in adults are increasing, there is a n equal increase in the number of COVID cases in children. Majority of children do not suffer from severe COVID illness, and recover soon with nothing except paracetamol for fever and good hydration.

Very few will require any antibiotics or hospitalization. Parents need to keep the kids isolated because these kids are carriers of infection to other family members.

But what parents need to pay attention is a post COVID complication in kids . This condition can be seen in any age group of children right from just born baby to adolescents. This usually appears 4-6 weeks after being infected with COVID , and has no relation with the severity of COVID illness, it can be seen in any child who was previously infected with COVID irrespective of whether the child had any symptoms of COVID or whether he was completely asymptomatic. Its also quite possible that COVID was never diagnosed in a kid and he has developed misc,as most kids with COVID may not have any symptoms.

How common is MIS-C (Multi System inflamatory Syndrome in Children) ?

It’s an uncommon illness seen in less than 1% of cases with COVID , but with the increasing number of COVID cases in children its going to be seen in some kids and slowly the number of MISC cases in the country are rising

even last year when there wer no many pediatric COVID cases, there were MISC cases recorded and treated, even in belgaum we had around 20-30 cases. This year we expect it be more.

crop man putting medical mask on face of ethnic child
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How to identify or when to suspect MIS-C (Multi System inflamatory Syndrome in Children) ?

Any child who has recovered from COVID in the past 1-2 months and now has fever and other symptoms for more than 2 days.

Any child whose family members have recovered from COVID , or who had any flu like illness in the past 1-2 months , and now child has fever for more than 2 days

These kids should be strongly suspected and immediately taken to a pediatrician.

What are the alarming symptoms .

Fever is the most common symptom, it will be present in 100% of cases.

Pain in abdomen (stomach pain)


Neck pain

Difficulty in swallowing

Rash on the body

Fast heartbeat, fast breathing

When should I visit a doctor ?

When your kid has fever for more than 2 days and has any of the above symptoms, you should visit a doctor .

Can these symptoms be seen in COVID also ?

Yes the same symptoms can be seen in COVID , but the severity may vary, and its ideal to get tested for COVID also.

What if I take my kid to my family doctor who is not a child specialist ?

Its okay to visit your family doctor in the first 2 days of illness, but if the fever persists for more than 2 days , try to visit a child specialist , because this is a new and rare illness and not everyone will be able to diagnose it in the initial days..

What exactly is MISC, will it spread to other family members and my other kids ?

MISC is a immune mediated illness, it appears in post COVID cases, and is non infectious . it dose not spread from person to person and if your child has recovered from MISC , there is no need to isolate from other family members, but at the same time the child should not have had a active COVID infection.

Is MISC treatable?

Yes its absolutely treatable, and has complete recovery, of treated at the right time ..

I request all parents to take care of their health and try to avoid getting infected, because woth the lockdown in place kids are getting the infection either from parents or neighbouring kids.and kindly visit the nearest child clinic in case of any illness.






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