Management of High Blood Pressure: Healthy Life Style

By leading a healthy routine, you can maintain your Blood Pressure in a healthy range and substantially reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. A healthy lifestyle includes:

• Eating a healthy diet.

• Maintaining a healthy weight.

• Getting enough physical activity (Yoga, Meditation & Exercise regime).

• Quit smoking.

• Limiting alcohol use.


Healthy Diet

Picking nourishing meal and snacks can help you avoid high blood pressure and its complications. Consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Do not eat junk and fried/oily items.

Eating foods low in salt (sodium) and high in potassium can lower your blood pressure

Maintain Healthy Weight

Overweight or obese increases risk of high blood pressure. Regularly check your Body Mass Index (BMI) to regulate your weight is in a healthy range.

Physical Activity

Simple exercises, walking, Yoga, Meditation will help to maintain healthy weight and lower blood pressure. Brisk Walking, Cycling, Sports, Swimming can control weight.

No Smoking

Cigarette smoking raises blood pressure and puts at higher risk for heart attack and stroke. Smoking increases the risk of heart diseases and stroke. Immediately quit smoking.

Limited Alcohol

Avoid drinking too much alcohol, which can raise your blood pressure.

Regularly visit Doctor

Hypertensive patients must visit doctors regularly and take medications as advised by the Doctor. “NEVER MISS HYPERTENSIVE DRUGS”.

Note: Follow your Physician Instructions. Start Exercise regime on Physicians advice.


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