KLES Hospital, Belagavi witnessed a movement of mixed emotions of happiness, contentment, tears of selfless service, sentiment galore in an atmosphere where in the families of organ donors were felicitated by the KLES Hospital on the occasion of World Organ Donation Day on 13th Aug, 2022.

Organ donation is a divine godly act that has the power to saves many lives opined Dr. R B Nerli, Chairman Multi-Organ Transplant Unit. Historically India is the country known for donating to the growth and progress of the society. Unfortunately, when it comes to organ donation very few families come forward to donate organs. Dr. Nerli quoted from the Epic Mahabharat, Kunti Putra ‘Karna’ was an illustrious figure who donated his ‘Kavacha Kundala’. The wheels of organ donation will flourish only when donors come forward. The medical fraternity would save the lives of more and more people if people come forward to donate organs stressed Dr. Nerli.

“The families of organ donors are courageous, took a bold decision to donate organs of their dear ones in most painful & crucial periods said Dr. M V Jali, Medical Director & Chief executive of the Hospital. He said financial richness, comforts, luxuries may not spring happiness but pleasure of donating organs, giving life to some who is not known even after death ensures peace, serenity and satisfaction said Dr. Jali. After felicitating the donors’ families Dr. Jali paid glowing tributes to the donors’ families, they are role the models and called upon Voluntary organisations and youth to come and forward and spread the message of importance of organ donation in the community. He also highlighted 7 Heart Transplants; 58 Kidney Transplants are performed with excellent results. Donors have inspired all of us by donating organs and have fulfilled their social responsibility, it is our turn to pledge organs for saving the needy Dr. Jali added.

Dr. Darshan Rajput, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon said 60% of burn cases are reported in children who need skin for grafting. The thin layer of the skin is harvested after death of a person. The Skin donated could be preserved for 4-5 years. KLES-Rotary skin bank has catered to the needs of the skins as far as Ahmadabad, Mumbai, Kolhapur & Bengaluru.

Laxman Karslekar, Sarpanch of Amte Panchayat said the entire village appreciates the generous act of poor farmer, Arjun Gaonkar who donated his son Organs to the needy. Smt. Asha Sawant who donated her only Son’s organs said thanks giving extended by KLES Hospital has touched her hearts and hoped her son soul will live peacefully in heavenly abode. Other donors who spoke and felicitated in the function included Pushpa Pawar, Jayashree Dandagi, Prakash Nadoni, Jyoti Kurmude, Leeladevi Rajpurohit & Pushpalata Shrikhande.

Vijay More, Social worker, Abhimanyu Dagda, Member Pyas Foundation spoke on the occasion. Dr. V M Pattanshetti, Vice Principal, J N Medical College, Dr. Santosh Hajare, Dr. Anand Vagrali, Dr. Arif Maldar, Dr. Basavraj Bijjargi, Police Officials & Hospital staff were present on the occasion. Neeraj Dixit, Pramod Sulikeri introduced the organ donor families and Sheetal Mundada compared the program.


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