KLE Diabetes Centre gets global recognition

KLES Dr Prabhakar Kore Hospital’s Diabetes centre at Belgaum was conferred with the “Best Improvement Prize Award” for the care of Type-1 Diabetes children at the recently held online virtual conference held on 8th & 9th of October 2020. Dr Sujata Jali was at the event to hear the announcement.

The SWEET Pediatric Diabetes consists of 152 centers in the 59 countries of all the continents of the world. Best Improvement Prize Award presented in 2020 to the Diabetes Team of KLES Dr Prabhakar Kore Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Belgaum, India for their achievement of significant quality improvements and progress in the delivery of Diabetes Care to children with Type-1 diabetes.


The center recognized for its charity services, innovative clinical practices and focusing education for the families empowering with knowledge of good diabetes care. It is quite impressive despite the pandemic situation, said Prof. Dr N. Bratina, SWEET Peer-Reviewer and Director; Prof. Dr Thomas Danne, the Chairman of SWEET e.V. Last year, we received *Centre of Reference* citation in Germany.- Dr Sujata Jali

We hugely honored to have been named as an International Centre of Excellence in the field of pediatric diabetes care, said Dr. Prabhakar Kore, the Chairman of the KLE Society and the chancellor of the KLE University. Dr Kore said: diabetes represents a significant challenge, but a challenge we are committed to its prevention, and we will continue to pursue our goals through our diabetes centre of Excellence and Education.

The Vice-Chancellor Dr Vivcek Saoji offered the best available options for rapid, accurate prevention and treatment of diabetes in all its dimensions. The registrar Dr VA Kothivale, the principal Dr N M Mahanthshetti and the Medical Director, Chief of the Diabetes Centre congratulated the team. It is hugely rewarding to have our hard work recognized and will mean a lot to the rest of the team who work tirelessly all year round.  Last year, the KLES Diabetes Centre conferred with the citation of “Centre of Reference” at Wiesbaden, Germany, in-charge Paediatric-Diabetes Dr Sujata Jali said.


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