King of forest undergoes successful Cataract Surgery

King of Forest which had bilateral cataract has successfully undergone bilateral cataract Surgery at Junagadh Zoo, Gujarat. The lion couldn’t see the prey when it was posed infront of him and could hear only the sound. Lion was captured by forest officials & brought to Zoo in last October. Examination by Vets proved that the Lion had bilateral cataract.

Dr. Sanjeev Javia and team performed the rare bilateral cataract surgery on 5-year Lion at Sakkurbag Zoo. The eyes were retrieved from a dead lion after post-mortem and were examined at Madurai Lab. Shifting 140 Kg big cat on the OT Table was a difficult task.

lion catract

Later, by using Phacoemulsification technology the cataract surgery was conducted on the blind lion. The lion has regained 100% vision and in sound health said the forest officials.

The King of the forest will be transferred back to forest.

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