Homoeopathy Takes Center Stage at National Conference in Belagavi

Homoeopathy is the second largest medical science which is being practiced in India and has potent drugs to treat non-communicable diseases like hypertension, diabetes; stroke & cancers opined Dr. Janardan Nair, President,  Medical Assessment Rating Board for Homoeopathy, New Delhi. He was speaking after inaugurating the National Homoeopathic Conference-2024 titled “Homoeo Healing Voyage, a Journey towards Excellence” at KLE Convention Centre, Belagavi.  While acknowledging the efficacy of homoeopathic treatments, Dr. Nair also underscored the importance of recognizing the limitations of every medical science, including homoeopathy.

Immunity plays a key role in disease prevention, during onset of disease the immunity of an individual becomes dormant leading to escalation of disease opined Dr. Nair. He explained that homoeopathic treatments involve administering minute dosages tailored to individual needs, which often yield excellent results without adverse effects. He also highlighted Homoeo drugs that engage in regenerating natural healing mechanisms with no side effects. Dr. Nair reminded the participating medical fraternity that patients are the top most priority and to treat all the patients with empathy & emphasizing the need for holistic approaches to healthcare.


Dr. Sanjay Gupta, representing the National Commission for Homeopathy, New Delhi, commended the gathering of private practitioners, medical college faculty, and students at the conference. He emphasized the potential of integrative medicine and pledged support for integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Sciences into medical education.

Dr. Nitin Gangane, Vice Chancellor of KLE University, announced plans to propose the introduction of AI and Data Science courses to the Homeopathy Council for approval. He stressed the importance of qualitative research and announced KLE University’s upcoming special edition of a Homoeopathic journal.

Dr. M A Udchankar, Director of KLE Homeopathy Medical College, welcomed over 950 delegates from 11 states to the two-day conference, which featured 41 research papers and 21 poster presentations. The event includes lectures, discussions, debates, and clinical sessions aimed at advancing homoeopathic science.

The conference received further support from Dr. Shreepad Hegde, President of the Karnataka Qualified Homeopathic Association, Bengaluru, and concluded with a vote of thanks from Dr. Swaroopa Patil, Principal of KLE Homeopathy College. Dr. Nair & Dr. Sanjay Gupta were felicitated in the conference. 

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