Handling the Necessary Evil: Stress Management Mantras From The Experts

“Stress is not necessarily something bad it all depends on how you take it”.

Hans Selye

Every individual in the society faces day to day challenges, which in most cases is normal but sometimes these challenges can make person feel stressed up. So, here is a brief outlook of stress and its management.

What is Stress? Stress is something that how an individual reacts or response to a demanding situation. It is not true that stress is always bad or negative unless it becomes unhealthy and disturbs one’s individual life. Some amount of stress is beneficial as it helps to motivate and work efficiently but on other hand excessive amount of stress can affect ones physical and mental health which may disturb daily functioning of a person.

There are numerous reasons as to why a person undergoes stress. Some examples for the stressors that can be experienced in someone’s life such major life change, injury or illness, death of loved ones, financial stress, work pressure, relationship issues. There are some internal factors such as hormone changes (pregnancy, post-delivery, menopause), which will ultimately lead to chemical imbalance in brain, causing symptoms like worry, fear, anger etc.

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How can stress effect health? There is a close relationship between mind and body. Certainty stress can affect your overall wellbeing. When a person comes across a stressful situation whether real or perceived, our brain secretes a chemical called cortisol, also called as stress hormone. Chronic over-secretion of stress hormone adversely affects many systems of our body including neurological system, cardiac system, metabolic control, sleep, thought process, emotions etc.

Another way stress affects our body is through autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS stimulates the flight or fight response when someone perceives stress. ANS controls involuntary movements as breathing, blood pressure, heartbeat.

Chronic stress leads to chronic overstimulation of ANS leading to adverse effects of BP, heartrate, glucose metabolism etc.

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How one can manage stress? Stress can be managed effectively in various ways Here are the ways to deal stress:

Exercise – Engaging in any physical activity like walking, running, cycling this will help in reducing stress hormones and also to keep ANS under good control.

Practice yoga – yoga helps in relaxation of mind, body and overall wellbeing

Taking a break – going on a vacation, involving in yourself in hobbies, listening to favor music, meditation can boost energy and reset a positive mood.

Speaking about your issues – Talking to someone you trust and sharing your problems can beneficial way to release stress.

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Good relationships at work: A cordial relationship at workplace can reduce work burden and build sense of belonging and team spirit.

Family is your cushion: a good relationship among the family members, spending quality time with family are important.

Positive thoughts- Keeping a track of your reasons for stress, keeping a track of your thoughts causing stress and looking at the problems from a different, and a positive angle will help in reducing stress.

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