Colloid Cyst Excised


Neuro Surgeon lead by Dr. Prakash Mahantshetti of KLES Hospital, Belagavi performed microsurgical procedure on 43 year old man who presented with severe headache and vomiting with episodes of loss of consciousness. After evaluation with MRI Brain was found to have Colloid cyst.

Colloid Cyst
Colloid Cysts are benign cystic fluid collections that occur within the fluid-filled ventricles of the brain.

Colloid cysts develop in the brain at the junction of the paired lateral ventricles and can cause blockage of brain fluid (CSF) flow leading to hydrocephalus (excess brain CSF).

As a result, these benign growths can cause headaches, visual changes, memory difficulties and occasionally result in loss of consciousness or coma.

Neurosurgeons from KLE hospital lead by Dr Prakash Mahantshetti used latest Neuronavigation equipment available at hospital to aid in accurate planning and surgical procedure which helped in saving the life of the patient.


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