Challenges faced By Challenged Persons in India


Firstly, let us know what is a disability in a person? Disabilities are basically an umbrella term that covers impairments, activity limitations as well as participation restrictions. As the definition says it is a deformity or restriction that a person has in his or her body. The restriction may be visual, physical, mental or even hearing.

Being a challenged person or Divyangjan is a gift of God given to any person in the world. It is in India that persons like these face huge challenges. So, the challenges that are faced by such persons in India are as follows:

Acceptance: It is very necessary to accept such persons in life as a gift of God given to parents and also to oneself. First, as parents, they should accept such a child who is challenged in one or the other way. They need to be given more attention as compared to normal children. Secondly, the child itself has to accept itself as part of society. Finally, society plays a very important role in such children’s lives. Society treats such a person as though the child is an alien.

The society forgets that such children are the gift of God and are treated as though they are untouchable. The society has to think that the challenged person is also a human being and he or she should get an equal place in society. Nowadays we see this as a very big challenge for the parents, the child, and society to accept such a challenged person.

Education: We all know that education is the basic right for each and every child in the world. But are we seriously accepting this in each and every child’s life? Still, in some places, we get to see children with challenges begging on the streets of India. If they are not educated then they can’t work like mestri, plumber, goundis, security guards, etc. Being uneducated is not always by choice in persons of challenged persons, it is always by force.


Accessibility: We say that India is independent for the past 73yrs. But are we really independent in true sense? Are we really considered as a part of society?

The answer is true sense is NO. Why? This is because not all persons move freely wherever they want. Speaking about the accessibility, the challenged persons are facing a huge challenge.

Like some commercial buildings or in that case even the footpaths on the roads not being accessible without having the ramp services which is made compulsory by the Government of India.

Not only the commercial buildings or roads, in the case of transportation also it is the same. You see, the buses and trains in which most of the population travels are not accessible and even in some cases not safe for challenged persons in India. Talking about the buses and trains in India getting into both of them is a very serious challenge faced by the challenged people.

The design of the buses and the trains in India are so bad for the challenged person that while getting in any one of them even a small incident can be life-taking.

So the Government of India should take a step ahead for the better movement of the challenged people more than reservations.

When we overcome all these challenges in India with regards to the challenged persons till then we can’t say in a true manner HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!

Although there are all the challenges that the persons like us face such challenges in India we still say that our country is a better place to stay. The challenges are slowly being overcome by us and the Government of India.

Author: Mr. Sanket Mamadapur, (M) 9964521593


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