CAN WE PREVENT THE POSSIBLE 3RD WAVE OF COVID? – 3rd Prize-Reema Patil-by Deesha Physiotherapy Fitness And Laser Clinic

It’s absolutely fine not to be nervous and worried about the coronavirus. We must be nervous and worried, because of the people who act with ignorance and irresponsibility by not following COVID-19 appropriate protocols in spite of being aware of the pandemic crisis because essentially, two factors govern the surge of the COVID-19 wave and its intensity. The first factor is the mutation of the virus into more transmissible and virulent form and second factor is the susceptibility of humans as a host, the more susceptible humans become by being ignorant and irresponsible the more opportunity it gives for the virus to survive and evolve further. Among the two factors, humans cannot control how a virus will mutate but he has 100% control over his own susceptibility by behaving responsibly which enhances the possibilities to reduce the surge of next COVID-19 wave.

Since May 2021 when India was still witnessing intense COVID-19 2nd wave, experts forecasted the rise of COVID-19 3rd wave. Recent research conducted at IIT Hyderabad and Kanpur led by M.Vidyasagar and M. Agarwal claimed that the rise of the 3rd wave can be seen from August and can hit the peak in October. UBS Securities India has said the rise of 3rd wave looks real because of the increased presence of delta variants and the pace of vaccination. Dr. Devi Shetty, chairman of K.C.E committee, AIIMS director Randeep Guleria and other experts claim that the only solution to prevent 3rd wave is to accelerate the COVID-19 protocols namely wearing masks, social distancing and vaccination. But the fact is many people infringe the COVID-19 protocols inspite of being aware of the pandemic crisis. The fact is, human has a certain tendency within, which resists any rules and limitations imposed on him so COVID-19 protocols in some way becoming a certain limitation for him that’s why its natural to infringe the protocols in spite of being aware that those protocols are for our own wellbeing. So, what’s the solution?

The possible solution is represented by my idea and my idea is illustrated by the motto “Swayam ki Zimmedari-Desh ki Zimmedari” this motto depicts that when one person takes self-responsibility by wearing mask, practicing social distancing and vaccination it means indirectly that person is also taking responsibility for the well-being of India. In other words, pandemic is giving opportunity for every citizen of India to do a service to our nation by taking self-responsibility. When this paradigm shift happens in mindset of every citizen that COVID-19 protocols are not rules and limitations imposed on us but an opportunity to serve the country in this crisis by being self-responsible ,then there are high possibilities that the citizens may come up with an intention to serve India by taking self-responsibility and implement wearing of mask ,social distancing and get vaccinated. So, the question is how to implement this idea?

To liberate India from COVID-19 crisis, we need to build an army. The youth of India will play a major role in the army. Establishing a unit called “YUVA-SENA”, which will bring all the youth of India on a single platform. Launching a “NATIONAL YUVA-SENA PORTAL TO LIBERATE INDIA FROM COVID-19 CRISIS” website, sending invitations to colleges and youth associations so that youths can register on the portal and join the YUVA SENA. The youth who joins YUVA-SENA will be identified as YUVA SAINIK. The responsibility of YUVA-SAINIK is to conduct awareness campaigns and educate people about “Swayam ki Zimmedari-Desh ki Zimmedari”through social media platforms and other media.

So, the crucial key to prevent COVID-19 3rd wave is to serve India by taking self-responsibility and implementing COVID-19 protocols.


Reema R. Patil, Bachelor of Engineering, Computer-Science Angadi Institute of Technology and Management Belagavi


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