Bill proposal of 10 Years imprisonment for attacking the Doctors/Hospitals

New Delhi: A bill is proposed to be introduced in the winter session of the Parliament to avoid violence against Doctors and Hospitals briefed Dr. Harshavardhan, Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India. The bill proposes up to 10 Years of imprisonment for the miscreants.

Health Ministry Officials are concerned about increasing trends of the attack on the Doctors, Hospital Staff. It is being discussed/debated extensively in the Ministry of Health and all the points are being incorporated to prevent attacks/manhandling of hospital staff in the proposed bill. The bill will take its final shape based on the inputs collected from experts and proposed to be presented in the winter session of the Parliament.

According to the bill, the group or person attacking the doctors or hospital staff will be imprisoned from 3 to 10 years of jail and will also be penalized with Rs 2 to 10 lakhs of fine. As per the proposed bill, on damaging the hospital assets or properties the miscreant/s will have to bear a fine twice the market rate of the assets/properties that they have damaged. It also bears a fine of Rs. 1 to 5 lakhs for attacking doctors or any hospital staff. Health Ministry is hopeful that the proposed bill will amply safeguard the Doctors, Paramedical Staff who are doing noble service to the society and also protect Hospital Property/Assets.

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