Apollo hospital, Chennai launches ‘ProHealth’


The Apollo Hospitals initiated an innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled preventive healthcare programme, ‘ProHealth’.

Non-Communicable Disease (NCDs) is an increasing menace in the country and urgent need to address this burgeoning problem said Apollo Hospitals Groups Chairman, Prathap C Reddy.

World Bank has predicted that 80% of mortality in the next 10 years could be due to NCDs and this would create a cost burden of 30 trillion dollars. In India, the rise in NCDs would lead to a cost burden of 4.8 trillion dollars or 50% of the GDP,” Dr. Reddy stated. 

Noting that diseases such as diabetes, obesity, stroke, cardiac ailments, and cancer are on the rise, the Apollo Group’s founder added that ‘ProHeath’ is designed to predict, prevent and overcome these issues.

The 3-year programme by Apollo launched in Chennai and Hyderabad makes use of an AI-powered personalized health risk assessment (pHRA) technology combined with human elements to treat patients. 


Prathap Reddy added that the AI would help offer predictive healthcare solutions, which is the future of personalized healthcare. A healthcare mentor would be assigned and appropriate clinical and lifestyle interventions would be offered to each patient for healthier living. The ‘ProHealth’ package is priced at Rs 6000/- for the first year, and Rs 5000/- and 4000/- for the next two years respectively. 

ProHealth’ is an outcome of Apollo’s experts and innovators is based on the 20 million health check-ups conducted by Apollo Hospitals. 

“We are still discussing how the program can be rolled out to touch the lives of patients in other cities. For now ‘ProHealth’ is available in Chennai and Hyderabad and this is just the launch,” said Dr. Reddy.


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