A friend in need is a friend indeed- Apt to prevent heart disease

The Journal of American College of Cardiology (Feb, 2023) published an article that states remaining aloof, not connected with the community, loneliness, and poor interaction among friends, and family members have emerged as the risk factor for heart failure.

Jihui Zhang, MD, PhD, a researcher at Guangzhou Medical University in Guangzhou, China, and senior author of the study observed that both social isolation and loneliness increased the risk of hospitalization or death from heart failure by 15% to 20%. Loneliness increased risk even if the person was not socially isolated. Loneliness and social isolation were more common in men and were also associated with adverse health behaviors and statuses, such as tobacco use and obesity..


Loneliness is likely a stronger psychological stressor than social isolation because loneliness is common in individuals who are hostile or have stressful social relationships.” 

Zhang study strongly advocates for effective mechanisms to screen for social isolation and loneliness in routine clinical care and a broader push to provide more social support. COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the impacts of social isolation and loneliness across a broad range of health outcomes.

The study highlights that Physicians are advised to counsel the relatives of heart patients to create a congenial environment and develop a friend circle and support to overcome the stress caused by loneliness or social isolation.

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