3537 Gall Stones Successfully removed by Keyhole surgical procedure at Lake View Hospital

Team of Surgeons at BHS Lake View Hospital, Belagavi have achieved yet another feat by performing a rare surgery & removed 3537 gall stones. 55-year male patient weighing 95 Kg, with a history of diabetes, hypertension, and short neck was referred to Lake View hospital from Bailhongal. He was suffering from severe abdominal pain, recurrent omitting, loss of appetite & generalized weakness.

Dr. Pradeep Wagrali and a team of Laparoscopic Surgeons examined the patient and advised ultras-sonography which revealed the patient has multiple gall bladder stones. Dr. Pradeep Wagrali, Dr. Shashikant Kalgold, Dr. Ravi Patil & Dr Shrishail Hangandi performed the Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (keyhole surgery) in which a small incision in the abdomen was made to remove stones.

Anesthesia back-up was given by Dr. Veeranna Bevingidad & Dr. Sagar. Nadkarni. The surgery lasted just over 30-35 minutes and 3537 gall stones were successfully excised from the gall bladder. Surprisingly it took over 3 hours by 7 staff to count all 3537 stones.

The patient is relieved of his complaints and is comfortable and discharged from the hospital. Possibly it is the highest number of gall stones removed in South India & a rare event. “Usually, multiple gallstones are removed during surgery. But 3537 gallstones are certainly uncommon & surprisingly high said Dr Pradeep Wagrali.

Dr Shashikant Kulgod who was part of the surgical team said the weight of the gallstones doesn’t matter but defiantly 3537 gall stones are a mammoth number. They were uneven & like sand granules opined Dr. Kulgod.

The patient & his relatives are extremely happy with the outcome of the surgery and have thanked all the doctors & nurses of the hospital.


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