10 Health Resolutions for New Year

COVID-19 pandemic has sent chills across the globe in 2020. Sanitizers, Masks & Social distancing were part of life in 2020. COVID-19 strains appearing in different forms & lot of Indian flown from United Kingdom and likely carrying the COVID strains is cause of concern. Lock downs, seal downs, quarantine, school, colleges closed, cancellations/postponement of functions/marriages, restricted movements marred 2020.

It was a tough year with tougher challenges to governments, health policymakers & citizens across the globe. What is in store for 2021 is difficult to predict. This is the time to embrace 2021 & make strong health resolutions to face any health eventualities. At this juncture you & all your family members are required to make health resolutions, to counter the challenges posed by the virus & its strains. Following tips may help to build a strong immune system & remain free from diseases.

  • Exercise regularly- 30-40 minutes of exercise in the form of walking, cycling, playing, yoga, aerobics, breathing exercise should be part of your routine.
  • Eat home-made food – Packed, frozen & food parcels should be avoided. Homemade food, plenty of raw veggies, fruits, milk, nuts, wholesome grains, eggs & fish should be part of the meal. Never ever waste food.
  • Avoid Travel – Avoid unnecessary travels to attend functions, parties, meet people. International travels should be abandoned at least for another 6 months or more.
  • Relax & recharge – Try to cultivate relaxation techniques. Be with nature, birds, and ponds, develop the hobby of reading, writing, singing, drawing any one of them, and try to involve and enjoy. Watering a tree could be the best hobby. No age is barred from developing new skills. Never sit in one place for more than 30 minutes. Play with children.
  • Socialize – Try to socialize, make friends, talk to them share your thoughts ideas & views. Do not isolate yourself. Make a call to your school mates, send mail, WhatsApp, FB & remain active in social media, etc
  • Annual health check-up – It you are 40+ please undergo an annual health check-up (to reassure). If any disease detected, it is easy to treat & manage at its early stage, other-wise rest assured.
  • Develop a positive attitude- Never lend ears to gossips, false news, and propaganda. Speak less, listen more. Always walk straight with confidence, look into your eyes while talking, dress well, and be smart. Create hope among friends & family members. At all times remain cheerful, smiling accept life as it comes, develop strong willpower, it develops immunity against diseases.
  • Be Spiritual – You may belong to any faith, have an intense love for God and pray for the entire mankind. Silent prayers with no selfish desires work very well. Visit places of worship, do ‘Seva’ if possible and spend time with almighty god. Sit in silence for 15-20 mins daily (meditation)
  • Don’t Bargain- We never bargain at Malls, Restaurants, and Cloth stores. But, we tend to bargain with street-side vendors like fruit, vegetable, or flower vendors. Please give street-side vendors a few extra money, they will be happy & bless you
  • Donate– We all generously donate at religious places. All the places of worship are rich and well to do. We need to shift our thinking process and donate to orphanages, old age home which need the most. Don’t make hasty investments and spend lavishly. Save as much as you can. You can commit to donate blood on your birthday and pledge your organs to save the life of the needy.

Keep up the spirit. Thank god for all that he has given to us. Greet 2021 and hope, the world will again be the best and safe place to live. Never forget to wear MASK, maintain SOCIAL DISTANCE & WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY.

Dr. Pramod N Sulikeri, Ph.D

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