COVID Vaccination drive begins

Ramesh Kumbar a group D employee at the Belagavi district hospital becomes the First man to be vaccinated in Belagavi district.

The COVID vaccination drive began from today January 16.

Dr. Madhav Prabhu also got a jab in KLE hospital as he was incharge of the COVID care.

Vaccination drive is in progress at 13 locations in the district which includes BIMS, KLE and Vantamuri PHC in Belagavi Taluka.

DC M G Hiremath initiated the vaccination drive at Athani hospital.

100 persons would be vaccinated at each location to begin with.

Speaking to AAB after getting the vaccine, Dr. Madhav Prabhu in charge of Corona care said After taking the vaccine he mentioned that the risk of corona is not over. There are a lot of rumors regarding vaccines and it’s side effects. We need to dispel such rumors and get vaccinated without fear.


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