Anti Microbial ‘DHOOP’ by KLE Ayurved Pharmacy


The KLE Ayurveda Pharmacy in Khasbag, Belagavi is known for indigenously producing top quality Ayurveda products for the promotion of excellent health in the community since 1938. The ‘Dhoop’ which is used for Pooja Homa, a havan is a healthy product one can use & offer as a gift in this festive season. It is prepared by the classical Ayurveda methodology. It has anti-microbial properties, safe, healthy and has organic ingredients. The lighted ‘Dhoop’ stick lasts for 2 Hrs and acts as an antimicrobial agent for the home.

The market is flooded with cheap quality incense sticks (Agarabatti). Usually, they are produced by harmful toxic chemicals (generally made from charcoal, sawdust, gum/adhesives) & coated with chemical perfumes. Magnificently packed and advertised these incense sticks could be the cause for itchy eyes, running nose, sneezing, suffocation, etc. Continuous usage of chemical coated Agarbatthi may create health problems, particularly for children and old aged.

Disease-causing Pathogenic micro-organisms present in the environment around us are responsible for various health-related problems. Airborne diseases are more compared to vector born diseases. Hence, it is the right time to think about the control measures of infectious agents in terms of preventive as well as curative measures of diseases.

The concept of Krimi (Microbes) in Ayurveda, has been used in a broader sense, it includes all organisms covering wide range of infections and infestation. To get prevention from these Krimi (Microbes), Rakshoghna Vidhi (Protection against infectious organisms) is mentioned. Dhoopana (fumigation) is one such modality. Ayurvedic literature wherein fumigation is indicated for sterilization of operation theatres as well as labor theatres and also in wound management. Dhoopana has been followed as a tradition in various religious procedures. Sterilization through fumigation may be the purpose of various traditional rituals like homa, havana etc. Rakshoghna vidhi is indicated in our classics. In this various medicinal plants were burnt on fire and the smoke generated from it used to make sterilization of different areas where chances of infections is more.

The air around us can get contaminated by millions of micro-organisms. Thus it carries a lot of significance to disinfect the area where we reside. The purpose of traditional fumigation techniques may be to reduce the microbial load to nonpathogenic level. Which in turn result in anticipation of many infectious diseases. Varieties of essential oils, aromatic herbs and natural gums are used in the making of traditional ‘Dhoop’ incense.

Ingredients: Guggulu, Ushira, Vacha, Rala, Nimba, Arka, Devadaru, Shati, Dhoopa.

Benefits :

1. Dhoop has mention in ancient Indian literature like veda, shastra, etc.

2. ‘Dhoop’ will reduce the microbial load to non pathogenic level.

3. Burning organic ‘Dhoop’ provides benefits to physical, mental health as well as to the environment surrounding us.

4. Ancient literature states that burning ‘Dhoop’ purifies the air surrounding us and helps in building the Ozone layer.

5. It relieves stress, depression and anxiety.

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